McMaster Medicine

For McMaster’s MD program, the formula for interview selection is as follows:

  • 32% cumulative OMSAS GPA
  • 32% CARS score
  • 32% CASPer score
  • + 1% for a completed Master’s degree or +4% for a completed PhD

For McMaster Medicine, your CASPer score is worth as much as your entire undergraduate GPA, or your entire MCAT CARS score. This 90 minute test can make or break your application – and help improve your likelihood of getting an interview significantly if your other scores are weak.

Try our McMaster MMI and Admissions calculator below to determine your likelihood of getting an interview and/or accepted. You’ll notice quickly that the CASPer score is incredibly important to getting an interview – even if you have a very high GPA and CARS score.

McMaster MMI and Admissions Calculator

The McMaster MMI and Admissions calculator is based on this statistical analysis from Premed101 user  Organomegaly and has been updated using updated Class of 2022 admissions dataPlease note that this is only an estimate based off of assumed statistical distributions calculated from McMaster’s officially released statistics.

A CASPerfect Application

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Our CASPer practice tests are designed to be as realistic as possible with respect to the types of scenarios, timing, and expectations of the real CASPer test. Be prepared, and feel confident about this major component of your application.

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