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Your CASPer score is worth as much as your GPA to admissions committees. Score your highest on test day with our CASPer practice tests.

7 Realistic CASPer Practice Tests

As realistic as it can get. Each CASPerfect practice test comes with 12 sections, just like the real CASPer. Each has 8 scenario-based sections and 4 self-descriptive questions. Our questions are designed to contain prompts found on the real CASPer – which are often based on real life, non-medical scenarios.

CASPer Format

All of our 7 tests match the CASPer format – 8 scenario-based questions and 4 self-descriptive questions. Currently, all questions are word-based. Being ready for how the test is set up will make sure you do well on test day.


Our tests come with the option to be evaluated by CASPer experts. Our reviewers are medical students and situational judgment experts, who received admission and interviews from CASPer-mandatory university programs.

Automatic Timer

Our CASPerfect tests are designed to match the timing on the real CASPer — 30 seconds for the prompt, 5 minutes for 3 questions.

Review Your Responses

After the test, you’ll be emailed a PDF of your responses, so that you can understand where you can improve for test day.

Program Overviews

The CASPer test can be worth as much as your GPA to some programs! We explain to you how important your score is for each program, above.

Your CASPer score can be as important as your GPA.

The CASPer test is taken for nearly 100 professional school programs in Canada, the United States, and Australia. For some programs, it’s worth as much as your GPA. Your GPA took you years of hard work, but the CASPer test will take just over an hour. Practice to make sure your years of hard work are properly appreciated by admissions committees.

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